Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An Awesome Diesel Technical Document

I've got a great PDF if anyone has a question about diesel technology or refining. I came across this great book at the Chevron Diesel website. They also have a great Diesel FAQ page as well.

It is an amazing document that covers the whole gamut on diesel fuel.

This PDF is essentially a free text book which is about as easy as you can make this material. I found it a really good piece of work and even learned a little bit while reading it.

From refining, to ASTM specification, biodiesel (from the perspective of a petroleum company that is), diesel additives, performance of the fuel, and diesel technology. If you are in academia it would be a good place to pull information if you need to talk about diesel technology.

I've also put together a presentation pulling pretty heavily from this as well as some other sources. As diesel prices have climbed there has been a steady stream of customer inquiries on why diesel is more expensive than gasoline. If anyone wants a presentation that goes with the book I can forward that to you as well.

It's always great to find really good sources of information in free PDF form.

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