Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Interesting "Cyclone" Engine Technology

Cyclone Power Technologies has an interesting multi-fuel rated engine. Its based off of the Rankin Cycle Steam Engine invented by James Watt. As energy prices have been rising a host of old experimental technologies are marching forward. The beauty is that many of these technologies have never been played with in today's world of computer digital controls, nano technology, as well as space age polymers and alloys.

They have video and technical white papers around their technologies. Its worth a look. What is great about following these new engine designs is how the same concepts pop up in different forms. I notice the wider I drag my net over emerging technologies the more similar all the new 'outside-the-box' technologies become.

Cyclone's website promises not only small applications as shown but also in big diesel commercial and industrial application.

If this is a good idea, which it looks like it is. Watch, more than one company is commercializing it. The fun as an observer is figuring out who has not only the technical concept down but the talent to develop markets for it.

It makes me wish I was going to Power Gen next week. Now that I've seen it online I want to see it up close. But as with all things in life. Way more things to do than time and money will allow.

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