Thursday, December 6, 2007

Look at the Past to Get Ideas for the Future

I came across a few interesting items following up with the Cyclone Engine technology.

Jay Leno actually makes "A Case for Steam." This of course is the source for the picture shown above. Hard to believe but steam may have a second life in the 21 century.

Here also an interesting History of the Steam Engine. It's interesting to look at these technologies and know they were considered dead end technologies over a century ago. Yet today they look viable again to another group of tinkerers with far superior tools. Which brings me to another interesting article on technology.

Fastcompany Magazine has an article about the new Nasa space craft: To the Moon in a Minivan. What is the connection to the article above? Think of how far technology has come for the space program in the last thirty years. Now think if the geniuses like James Watt and Rudolf Diesel could do it all over again with titanium, carbon fiber, and computer controls.

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