Saturday, February 2, 2008

2008 National Biodiesel Conference


I Just flew in to Orlando and made it to the hotel. Looking forward to the first day of the conference at the official Sustainable Biodiesel Conference and unofficial first day of the National Biodiesel Conference. The NBB is sponsoring the Sustainable Biodiesel conference but refers to it as a "Preconference Activity" along with golf. I guess this is progress for us B100 lovers.

Last year the Sustainable Biodiesel Conference offered the most depth on hands on quality assurance I had ever seen. The input and experience of these B99 and homebrew die hards contributed greatly to our expanded market in Portland. This is where the really dedicated biodiesel proponents, users, and pioneers will be.

Beyond the type of attendee sitting next to Daryl Hannah didn't hurt either. This portion of the conference should be the top point of the conference for me as it sets the relationships and tone for the rest of the conference. Its also where the best gossip comes from.

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