Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Discussion on New Feedstocks for Biodiesel

The NBB has has some podcasts up from the National Biodiesel Conference earlier this month.
The best session worth looking at is the one on new feedstock development. Its definitely worth a listen.

There is a great deal of positive agricultural technology making its way down the pipe. Soybeans that produce more oil, algae that is ready for commercial demonstration, higher oil yielding corns, and the list goes on and on.

In the past, process food products was the goal. Now it is a value added chain that starts with biofuel, moves on to food, and ends with a host of other products.

It looks to me like any industry that really focuses on R and D and diverse product development can follow the petroleum production example. A diverse feedstock set of inputs moving through a consistent refining process. Ending with a host and diverse number of value added products and underlieing commodities.

The Podcast panelist include:

Alan Weber, economic consultant to National Biodiesel Board,

Dr. Jack Brown from the University of Idaho (who is Scottish so he brings a European perspective to the biodiesel feedstock business),

Keith Bruinsma, Vice President of Corporate Development for ethanol producer VersaSun (which is not far from biodiesel as you’ll hear in the clip),

John Sheehan, Vice President of Strategy and Sustainability for Live Fuels (which is developing algae-based biodiesel),

John Soper, Senior Research Director for Soybean Product Development for Pioneer International (bringing the seed developer’s perspective to the conversation).

If you are interested in feedstock development this is the Podcast for you.

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