Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gulf Oil CEO Speaks to Gasoline Retailers about Peak Oil

When a leader in the gasoline wholesale and retail business starts talking Peak oil it is a different world. See the article below.

A quote you don't see every day:

"While the company will not take on "green" fuels to save the planet, it will do so to gear up for a world beyond petroleum"

Mark the record books. $4 a gallon was the magic number for gasoline prices. The world began to talk completely different the moment gas hit that price.

From the Convenience Store News:
Gulf Oil CEO Reflects on Evolving Brand

During his keynote speech to Future Forum attendees, Gulf Oil President and CEO Joe Petrowski outlined his predictions for the energy industry, and why they have led the company to emphasize service and become more than just a petroleum distributor to its more than 2,500 retail partners.

"We have to, as an industry, prepare for a world without petroleum," he said, noting that the world is seeing a long-term structural shift in the energy market, which is resulting in the record prices for crude oil. On top of that, the world is running out of inexpensive oil.

"We do not have the technology today or access to cheap oil," he explained.Petrowski predicted high oil prices to continue, with a long-term floor of $60 to $70 a barrel, due to ethanol's growth from a boutique fuel. As a result, Gulf will be "fuel agnostic," meaning it will be both an ethanol and biodiesel player, along with regular petroleum-based fuels."We are creating an industry with options," said Petrowski.

"In the long term, ethanol will be a very viable choice."While the company will not take on "green" fuels to save the planet, it will do so to gear up for a world beyond petroleum, he said. "I'm not negating the need for green. There needs to be an economic drive to make changes. Convenience stores are not altruistic," he said, noting retailers' investment in alternative fuels will be hindered because of fluctuating margins and high credit card fees.

Petrowski also told attendees the distribution company is ensuring a secure future by trying to create healthy retailers.To do this, Gulf Oil is putting an emphasis on service, and providing its retail partners a "Gulf Sunrise" c-store concept, which aims to provide high margins inside the store, moving retailers away from surviving on fuel margins alone, he said.

Gulf will also provide retailers with pricing assistance, c-store and co-branding programs, construction/financing services, and loyalty programs and card services.

"Energy is not an end all, be all, but a means to have a better life," he concluded. —MB

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