Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New ASTM Spec for Biodiesel

I heard about this first last week when my friend Nicola Davidson of the NW Biofuels Association called to tell me she voted on the subject and it passed.

A new better standard for biodiesel ASTM has come through. Now hopefully the Original Equipment Manufacturers (commonly refered to as OEM's in the indsutry) will finally embrace biodiesel.

The first official news story on the subject I've see came from Fleet Owner Magazine's e-news letter. See snippet below:

After five years of research and balloting, ASTM International D02 Main Committee has approved three sets of biodiesel specifications that alternative fuel advocates hope will generate increased automaker and consumer enthusiasm for biodiesel.

The approved specifications are: changes to the existing B100 biodiesel blend stock specification, finished specifications to include up to 5% biodiesel (B5) in the conventional petrodiesel specification, and a new specification for blends of between 6% biodiesel (B6) to 20% biodiesel (B20) for on- and off- road diesel.

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