Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Green Star and the "Food vs. Fuel" Debate.

I saw this press release in the Biobased News.

Recently a UN report blasted the effect biofuels would have on food (commonly referred to as the "Food vs. Fuel debate"). From what I understand the biggest criticism being hoisted towards ethanol production's push on recent corn prices. In rebuttal, Green Star Products issues a press release citing soy as an example of a Food and Fuel opportunity.

In short = Green Star blasts ethanol from corn, points to soy as a good feedstock to be developed in farming rotations, and that algae has a huge potential future to make all these issues moot (note that Green Star also has high hopes for algae).

The coolest fact in the press release:

For each bushel (60 pounds) of soybeans produced only 10 pounds of extracted oil is used in making biodiesel. The other 50 pounds (the soy meal) is used to feed the hungry of the world as one of the best high protein foods available.

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