Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Solar Green Tags

Just out...Green Tag prices are dropping! Green Tags are like RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) which are like carbon credits. Basically generating green power is worth something extra, especially to those doing nasty things to the environment...

So, for instance, if you have a grid-tied PV system, in addition to all the pride of owning the system and lowering your power bill, you can also get paid to sell the green "rights" to your juice. BEF and others have been buying green tags for $0.05/kWh. Not bad considering PGE charges $0.093/kWh of the dirty stuff. Combine this with your PV system and you add 50% to your annual savings. (By the way, if the Energy Trust helped pay for your system, you can only claim the tags for the first 5 years...then they get the cash! )

Ok, so the problem is that green tags are going down to $0.02/kWh. You can make a difference and purchase green tags. The more you buy at higher rates, the more people are encouraged to install solar and other good stuff!

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