Thursday, November 29, 2007

Presentations on Carbon Trading

Worth note. Many talk about the potential for carbon off-set markets to develop. The problem though is that most of the people talking about these markets don't seem to know the specifics.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the NEBC's Managing Carbon Conference in which a total session was dedicated to the basics of getting green-tag trading projects off the ground. As either a way to mitigate a carbon footprint, finance a needed technology improvement or solely to make doing the right thing more profitable. They cover it.

Worth note. Bill Edmonds of NW Natural. Being a natural gas utility that is following (voluntarily) the lead of the electrical utilities in offering carbon offsets to its customers. This is a leading move by a utility and is nationally significant.

The Powerpoint Presentations are now available online at the NEBC's website. And I recreated the links below.

Carbon Offsets - Buying, Selling and Trading
The ins and outs of carbon offsets: markets, vendors, verification, and pricing.

Moderated by Alex Schay of Carbon Solutions Northwest with a panel of experts providing presentations.

Stephanie Berner White, 3 Degrees (PPT)
Bill Edmonds, Nortwest Natural Gas (Smart Energy Program) (PPT)
Steve Gutmann, EcoSecurities (PPT)
Erica Keeley, The Climate Trust (PPT)

The Managing Carbon Conference is expected to be an annual event. This first attempt being a spectacular success. As someone who is well read on the subject from a lay person's perspective this conference filled in alot of blanks and brought my understanding forward a great deal. I also now am thinking conversantly in how a cabon offset strategy might help finance a utility scale biofuel project. This level of understanding wouldn't have happened without the conference.

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