Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The First Wave Energy Project To Get FERC Green Light

Congrats to Finavera. First ever "Hydrokinetic" energy project in the hopper to move past first base.

I saw it first at "The Energy Blog" with more at Finavera's Press Release page, and the FERC Press Release page as well.

The project is described by FERC as follows:

The proposed project, to be located in the Pacific Ocean in Makah Bay 1.9 nautical miles offshore of Waatch Point in Clallam County, Washington, will consist of:

- Four 250-kilowatt steel wave energy conversion buoys and an associated mooring/anchoring and electrical connection system;
- A 3.7-statute-mile-long, direct current underwater transmission cable connecting from one of the buoy’s power cables to the shore station;
- A metal shore station with an access road and parking area; and
- A 20-foot, 12-kilovolt transmission line to connect the shore station to the nearby existing Clallam County Public Utility District distribution line.

Paradigms are shifting no doubt. Now all Finavera and others have to do is make every coastal special interest view their technology as non threatening and safe. Then actually get local permits to build through every litigation hurdle while moving beyond the NIMBY/BANANA stage of development. Oh yeah, and demonstrate that this experimental technology works while not running out of cash.

If it was easy I suppose it would have been done already. I'm excited to see it moving forward and hopefully this will be the first of dozens of new competing tidal and wave technologies competing for ocean resources in the Pacific Northwest.

If your further curious watch a movie short at Finavera's website about their Aqua Bouy generator.

NIMBY - "Not in my back yard"
BANANA - "Build absolutely nothing, at anytime, not anywhere"

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