Monday, January 21, 2008

"Lessons from the Electric Roadster"

I came across this at I-Tunes this weekend.

Martin Eberhard's "Lessons from the Electric Roadster" hosted at the Stanford Technology Ventures Program podcast feed. Being a recent lecture it's currently the first one on the list. Eberhad being a successful tech entrepreneur and co founder of Tesla Motors. Tesla Motors being the manufacturer of a super-sexy electric sportscar shown below.

Listening to his story of why and how he went about building an electric car is worth your time. Its an interesting and fun story. The best part of the pitch is how he muscled his way into the Lotus booth at a trade show and wouldn't leave till he found someone with a name he recognized. I could imagine how hard and odd it would be to pitch an auto manufacturer to build a car with a group of Silicon Valley tech engineers.

If you don't have I-Tunes I also found it via google here.

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