Wednesday, January 2, 2008

US Energy Outlook's Natural Gas Usage

I'm working on a presentation that I will be giving later this month. I just came across an interesting diagram from the DOE/EIA's 2006 Energy Outlook that does a great job of simplifying a complex subject. Where natural gas comes from and goes in the US economy.

It's on page 181 of the 2006 Energy Outlook which is available both on the EIA's site as well as a PDF.

Another great chart as well is a comparison graph of US natural gas usage (see below). This being found on page 190 of the same report. Notice the spike in the 1990's which was a period of relative cheap diesel. Same to be said with the spike of electricity which is the move to cleaner power by utilities moving away from diesel powered generation and to natural gas.

I figured these would be a small piece of google gold for anyone doing a search for just such a simple picture. Whoever designed it did a great job.

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