Friday, October 12, 2007

!!!EPA Approval for E85 Conversion Kit!!!

The below email was just forwarded to me by the cutting edge Angelique Dodaro of Cascade Sierra Solutions. More about the Flex Fuel Vehicle conversion kit here.

From: Harrow, Gerry [mailto:Gerry_Harrow(AT)]
Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2007 5:33 PM
Subject: EPA Approves Vehicle Conversion to FFV

Good news! The EPA has approved the first flex-fuel vehicle conversions capable of running on E85. You may have seen a recent announcement by Flex Fuel US that was picked up by several media outlets. The Flex Fuel US website ( has posted both the press release and the approval certificate from the EPA.

It’s important to note that consistent with the EPA certification process, this certificate is issued for specific converted vehicles that have been tested. The certificate lists the specific vehicles as follows: 2006 Ford Crown Victoria Police, 2006 Ford Crown Victoria Taxi, and 2006 Lincoln Town Car Airport Livery vehicles with the 4.6L engine (not the Mercury Grand Marquis).

As discussed in the AFDC Technical Bulletin on FFV Conversions:
“EPA does have a process by which manufacturers of conversion systems or "kits" can obtain a Certificate of Conformity for converted vehicles. In recent years, manufacturers of natural gas and propane conversions have used this process to certify several vehicles for operation on these fuels. This process certifies the converted vehicle—not the conversion system by itself.”

For more information, see the AFDC Technical bulletin at Also, we will be reviewing the Motorweek clip on conversions and will pass on any additional information that you need to know.


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