Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Turbine Free Windpower

I saw this at Wired Blog Network.

From Wired: "Inspired by the famous Tacoma Narrows Bridge, the Windbelt is a tight plastic strip stretched in a frame, joined to magnets at both ends. When the wind blows across the belt, it vibrates (like when you blow a blade of grass to make music) and the magnets move inside wire coils, generating power. This table top version will put out 40 milliwatts and can power an LED. It's cheap and simple, and can generate power from breezes as slow as 10mph, making it ideal for developing nations."

I would file this under moderately scalable, small scale, and simple. Which means its probably not a business in itself. This doesn't mean it isn't a paradigm shifter for some industry or specific device though.

If for anything simply because of what this might be integrated in with. As with must cutting edge energy concepts it isn't the demonstrated technology. Its what it might be paired with and where that might go next.

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