Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wisconsin State Invests in Soy Crushing

Wisconsin state makes a big bet on developing a value added biofuels industry. The state is pushing to become more than just a source for feedstocks. From the Wisconsin Ag Connection online.

First step. $4 million investment grant towards a soy crushing facility. This grant being matched from the ag industry as well.

Living in the Pacific Northwest are big issue is getting feedstock supplies lined up for production. Getting the fields to grow rotations of oil and appropriate carbohydrate crops for biofuels.

In Wisconsin it turns out the issue isn't getting the feedstocks grown. Its getting them used in state. From the article:

WSA Director Bob Karls says Wisconsin soybean farmers have been working for 15 years to bring a soybean processing facility to the state. While Wisconsin is the 13th largest soybean producer in the country, it is the only one of these states without its own soybean processing facility.

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