Monday, October 22, 2007

The Potential of Biodiesel Production Worldwide

From the University of Wisconsin-Madison Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies.

A Global Comparison of National Biodiesel Production Potentials
By: Matt Johns and Tracey Holloway.

What makes it significant? They study a national-level evaluation of potential biodiesel volumes and production cost by country. From what I can tell this is a comparitive advantages study.

See the News Release online HERE. The perspective of the study leans towards identifying the large emerging economies that import petroleum and export raw oils. Seeing an economic development opportunity for a small agricultural dependent economy the opportunity to develop value added fuels for their own economy's needs.

Above is a map showing the annual production of biodiesel worlds wide. Within the study are several maps offering a visual comparison by nation. An interesting snapshot. (Note Russia, I had no idea that Russia produced biodiesel)

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