Sunday, October 14, 2007

Oregonian speculates about Al Gore. I was calling it long before they were...

In the O. Speculation that Gore will run in 08. I've bet on that since his CO2 footprint was reported. He's using enough energy to be running a Presidential race from his rather sizable home.

A few years ago I saw Inconvenient Truth live at the Rose Garden (thanks to my friend Randy White who invited me on behalf of Clearchannel). At the event Al Gore announced that he would be flying out Oregon policy and political influencers (all mentioned were of course Democrats) to his home in Tennessee to be trained in giving his slide show.

At that moment I immediately thought he was running for President. He was building his grass roots machine. I would lay a cash bet that he's going to actually attempt to get drafted at the convention. If there is a split between Edwards, Clinton, and Obama it could happen.

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