Wednesday, October 17, 2007

PetroSun Issues Algae-to-Biofuels Update

Read the Press Release at the Biobased News.

The important info from the Press Release:

PetroSun plans to produce 180,000,000 of algal oil (that's right that many zeros).

This production number is for the year starting 2009.

The algae production plants are expected to be completed in 2008 in the proposed states of Alabama, Louisiana and Arizona.

PetroSun plans to sell this crude oil tracking the price of petroleum crude.

PetroSun is notable because the company has a background in Oil and Gas development and made the cross-over move to biofuels production in recent years.

My thoughts on algae:

Its way easier said than done.

Its way easier done than done right for that matter.

The issue being genetic pollution. Algae is nearly impossible to get as a consistent strain. Therefore from what I understand algae's real promise is as a scrubber or grey water cleaner.

My money is on algae technologies that do something (scrub emissions, pollutants, clean industrial grey water, etc....). Algae will be paired with biofuels only as a non-foodgrade biofuel feedstock as a waste stream offtake partner.

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