Monday, October 29, 2007

Take a look: BIOenergy Blog Ring

The first link that caught my eye was the BIOconversion Blog with an article about woody biomass as a feedstock consideration. In particular the role woody biomass can play in sequestering carbon as well as producing wealth. This blog is part of a series of blogs shown in the graphic below. All worth checking out.
In the BIOenergy blog post, the author C. Scott Miller, starts with a map (see below) of renewable energy developments throughout the U.S. and asks the question: What about the blanks spaces in the map?

What renewable energy should be considered if you don't have a wind, solar, or agricultural resource immediately available. The answer of course being woody biomass. He also points to the wealth generating and economic development success of ethanol in his argument. This argument for biofuels being a potential urban/rural political divide bridge in Oregon (see quote below).

"The revitalization of the Corn Belt is illustrative of what could happen in the forest regions of the country- hundreds of biorefineries, billions of gallon of liquid fuel, stronger feedstock prices, revitalized communities, tens of thousands of jobs, rising land equity and stronger communities."

I came across this over the weekend. A really good blog examining the big questions floating around the piece forest thinning might play in the clean-tech energy sector. It also offers depth rarely seen explaining cellulosic ethanol and wood. The depth of his knowledge, information provided, and most of all his examination is pretty impressive.

I highly recommend taking a look.

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