Thursday, October 18, 2007

Shell Oil President John Hofmeister comments about ethanol's future.

Shell Oil's President John Hofmeister commented recently about the future of biofuels as a potential blendstock for Shell Oil's gasoline. See full article at

The comment was made as part of his recent decision to do a 50-city tour talking "face-to-face" with the public about energy issues.

And I quote John Hofmeister: "[It's] possible that in ten to 20 years there will be large quantities of ethanol from Shell for the market"

This in reference to a partnership Shell Oil has with Iogen researching next generation biofuels.

Interestingly enough its possible that right now there is a large quantity of ethanol available as a blend stock. In fact from what I understand Shell routinely uses it as a blendstock to extend or improve the octane ratings of their inventories.

Just thought I would point it out. Figure he would have as well. I guess you could say the future is now.

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